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According to Jeremiah, Jerome would try to kill him when they were kids, but his statements were later revealed by the latter to be untrue. Jerome said that Jeremiah "poisoned the minds of everybody he loved against him".

After his family decided to keep him out of the circus and away from his twin brother, Jeremiah got to study in good schools and later, became an engineer. Living in a bunker, he hid away from Jerome. He changed his legal name to Xander Wildewhile using only his proxy, Eccoto meet clients and other company acquaintances.

Despite doing his best in hiding, Jerome was able to find Jeremiah. Over the course of him meeting his brother again, Jeremiah meets Bruce Wayne, who had offered him help and funds through Wayne Enterprises for his project. Meanwhile, after Jerome died, Jeremiah got a trap with the Joker Venom that sprayed onto his face.

His skin becomes completely pale with red lips, green eyes, and darker hair, as he takes his twin brother's mantle in changing and ruling Gotham City. Ecco remained by his side, becoming his henchwoman. Jeremiah revealed to Bruce Wayne and James Gordon that the next-generation generators that he built with Bruce in Wayne Enterprises are also explosive bombs, which he used to blow up all the bridges connecting Gotham City to the mainland, while being the partner of Ra's al Ghul at the same time.

Ten years later, Jeremiah, now completely grotesque with only a few strands of hair after falling into the chemical, was broken out of Arkham Asylum by his sidekick Ecco after the news of Bruce Wayne returning to Gotham City. About to kill James, a sharp bat-shaped weapon hit his hand, and he saw a mysterious man in the dark. Saying "You" after seeing it, Jeremiah realized that the man is Bruce Wayne. His hand was later pierced by another of the bat-shaped weapon, in which he just laughed off to show his pain tolerance, while a third weapon knocks him out.

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This template will categorize articles that include it into the " League of Assassins members " category. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Without me, you're just a joke without a punchline. Contents [ show ].Jerome Valeska was a deranged, criminally insane mass murderer and anarchist. Born and raised in Haly's CircusJerome murdered his mother roughly at the age of eighteen, which led to his arrest and incarceration at Arkham Asylum.

Following a breakout with other inmates orchestrated by Theo Galavanhe became the leader of The Maniax and wreaked chaos upon the city. This later led to his betrayal and murder at Galavan's hands, although his death brought about an underground movement devoted to him and his way of thinking.

Jerome was later resurrected from the dead by a followerallowing him to once again reign terror upon Gotham City. Jerome grew an obsession with Bruce Wayne and the idea of killing him but was stopped and was re-incarcerated in Arkham once more. Jerome was shown to have full control of Arkham and could escape at any time, however, he says that he wants to make a show of his escape - further displaying the extent of his 'showman complex'.

However, he would soon escape with his new allies and fellow inmates Jervis Tetch and Jonathan Crane. FreezeFirefly and Solomon Grundywhich operated with the goal to drive Gotham City into madness according to a plan by Jerome, while he promised the other members to rule the city after its downfall. On Jerome's request, Scarecrow therefore developed the dangerous Laughing Toxin that Valeska wanted to spread across the city with a blimp.

Shortly after, it came to an ultimate showdown between Gordon and Jerome on the top of a building, in which Valeska got shot, only for him to fall, leading to his life hanging in the balance, as he was able to hold on to a pipe sticking off the building.

Even though Gordon reached out and tried to save Jerome, the young villain stated that his legacy will live on in Gotham City before letting himself fall to his second and final death instead of having his life saved by Gordon, laughing all along the way down. However, Jerome knew that his terror over Gotham did not end with his death, which made it easier for him to accept his fate and die with the confidence that his plans will succeed in the end.

Jerome was told by his mother that his father was a sea captain named Sven Karlsenwho died while at sea; it was the only known time that Lila attempted to do something nice for Jerome by giving him a good role model of a father.

He was crying outside the trailer when Cicero told him that the world didn't care about him and that it was better to realize it then. When Jerome was little, his uncle, Zachary Trumbleput his hand into a pot of boiling chicken stock because he tried to steal a snickerdoodle. Ignatius for his own safety from the abuse. Jerome, however, claims that Jeremiah lied about the abuse he suffered to poison the people Jerome loved against him.

This resulted in Jerome developing a hatred for his brother and a thirst for revenge [4]. Two months before the death of Martha and Thomas Wayne, the entire Wayne family was enjoying a night out at a circus.The cult is led by Jeremiah and his accomplice Ecco. Ecco dons her Mummer mask and a red and black robe and preaches to the people who wish to become followers. Bruce and Selina ponder about her identity, as it is concealed by the mask. Several people pledge themselves and Ecco tells them to go up the stairs to perform a task to prove themselves worthy, while she orders the rest of the people present to get out.

Selina pledges herself in order to get closer to Jeremiah and Ecco orders her to follow the rest of the followers. As Selina leaves, Ecco whispers to one of her henchman and then proceeds to take off her mask and smile deviously, revealing that her face is now painted like a clown. Ecco goes to the recruits and explains the rules of the task to them. Each person will get one gun and one bullet. Their task is to fire the gun into the neck of the person in front of them, while the follower behind them does the same.

Ecco counts from three, but toys with the followers to ensure they are paying attention. Many of the followers are killed from the shot, while a few of them survive, including Selina who blocked the gun with her claw on her glove.

Ecco is upset with Selina and reveals that she had previously performed the task as well, the bullet still remaining inside of her body. Ecco holds the gun to her head and pulls the trigger, laughing maniacally as the gun clicks. Selina tells Ecco that she is insane, but Ecco denies this, saying she allowed herself to look death in the face, which allowed the old her to die.

She also reveals that she is fully aware of who Selina is and she and Jeremiah have been keeping tabs on everything to do with Bruce. Ecco points the gun at Selina but Selina knocks the gun away and the two of them fight until Selina gains the upper hand, holding the gun to Ecco's head, who told her she knew she could do it and that all she needed was a little push. Bruce comes into the room, and calls out to Selina.

Ecco taunts Selina, saying that her boyfriend is worried, and says she doesn't think Selina can shoot her. Selina hesitates just long enough for Ecco to knock the gun away, stab Selina in the leg, and flee. Selina catches up with Ecco just as she closes the gate behind her.

Ecco mockingly waves to Selina before walking away as Selina growls in frustration. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The only place where you faithful pilgrims can become your very best selves. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Even after Jeremiah's descent into insanity, she still remained loyal to him. She assisted him in his plans to destroy Gotham City and rebuild it in his image.

After Jeremiah was rendered brain dead and imprisoned in Arkham, Ecco would work at Arkham as his nurse. Ten years later, they would escape Arkham and attack Barbara Keanwhich would result in Ecco being stabbed by Barbara and then shot dead by Jeremiah due to the severity of her wound. At some point prior to her sixth birthday, Ecco's father moved out of their home. Sometime after Jeremiah Valeska graduated from St.

Ignatius, he met Ecco and she became his assistant. Ecco helped Jeremiah commission construction for a maze like bunker. Jeremiah would remain hidden in the maze while Ecco would serve as his proxy for business meetings at the company that would employ Jeremiah, who goes under the alias Xander Wilde.

Ecco, herself, seemed to reside in an apartment in the city where Jeremiah's associates could contact her on his behalf.

jeremiah valeska gotham

Sometime later, Ecco realizes that Jerome Valeska is waiting for her while entering her apartment after grocery shopping. She is not surprised since she knew he would've found her sometime. He asks her where Jeremiah is but she answers that she'll never tell him. Jerome tries to threaten her with a knife but she is unfazed and knocks him out immediately.

She then calls Jeremiah and tells him that she's got Jerome and eventually transfers him using a cage. Upon seeing this on the monitors, Jim and Harvey are ready to escape but Jeremiah refuses to leave Ecco behind, since she has devoted her life to him.

The two tell him that they are taking him out first, will return to help Ecco. While escaping, they meet Ecco in the maze. She gets into a fight with Jim and Harvey and takes them down with ease. She then takes Jeremiah to deliver him to Jerome.

jeremiah valeska gotham

On their way to Jerome, they meet Harvey again and Ecco tries to make Jeremiah as her shield but then attacks Harvey, as Jim suddenly appears behind her and knocks her out by hitting her in the head with a gun.Jeremiah Valeska was a tritagonist turned main antagonist in the television series, Gotham.

He is the twin brother of the terrorist cult leader, Jerome Valeska. Jeremiah is the show's equivalent to The Jokeralthough he never took on the Joker alias. According to Jeremiah, Jerome would abuse and scare Jeremiah when he was little. Shortly afterwards, Jeremiah took on the alias of "Xander Wilde. He would then study at school and become an engineer. The building took 6 years to complete. They ask Jeremiah about him and Jerome, he tells them that once Jerome tried to kill him, so he ran away and changed his name to Xander Wilde.

Jeremiah then tries to escape but Jerome finds him. Jeremiah did agree that certain things that he told were in fact exaggerations of the truth. Jim and Harvey eventually get to them, so Jerome runs away leaving Jeremiah behind. Jerome took the Mayor, his wife, and a police officer hostage. Jeremiah is hesitant to go at first but later agrees. Jerome straps Jeremiah and Bruce into a chair. Jerome tells the crowd the story of him and Jeremiah and then cuts Jeremiah free.

Determined to prove Jeremiah is just like him, Jerome hands Jeremiah the knife and tells him to take his best shot. Jeremiah tries to stab Jerome, who knocks him out with a single punch. As Jeremiah walks away, Bruce asks him to let Wayne Enterprises fund his work. Jeremiah thanks Bruce and shakes his hand. After Jerome's death, Jeremiah discovered a gift in his secret office and opened it.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Jeremiah Valeska

Remember Me. Jerome rested his forearms against the railing, leaning hard. Our two soulmate-triads have always made sure to hide each of their shared soul marks after they appeared. All SIX of them. It's not that they're ashamed of each other. Quite the opposite. They are simply extremely possessive and private people leading VERY public lives. To the public, they're mortal enemies.

In private they're best friends, in two Pollyships. They are quite comfortable with their relationships being what they are; extreme, intense, passionate, violent, caring, loving, but most importantly a SECRET.

Jeremiah didn't need a present tied up with a bow; there was no greater gift than what had already been freely offered to him.

The possibility of a true friendship. He calls Bruce to tell him this.

jeremiah valeska gotham

Set after the events of 4x18, but Jeremiah hasn't been sprayed yet due to Ecco's interventions. Jeremiah and Bruce are getting along really well and working on their newest project. Jeremiah has a little crush, Ecco is jealous, Jim is suspicious and Jerome even though he's already dead is still a psychopath.

Their relationship was a constant game of phone tag.

Jerome Valeska

They never heard what the other was saying until it was already too late. Obsession is like love. Love is like hate.

jeremiah valeska gotham

Nobody wants to be stuck between a sibling rivalry, certainly not Bruce Wayne and certainly not a sibling rivalry between the Valeska brothers. Taalu had flown as far as she could, until the agony of separation became too great. Bruce can't shake the unbearable feeling that something is missing. Wandering around at night leads him to the answer, but he's not going to like it. The bridge of his nose and his left cheekbone had sustained cuts. Somewhere between the bailiff unlocking the cell and [Ecco] shoving a clipboard at them for signatures, the station had gained another arrival.

Jeremiah had no sooner signed the form and handed it off to Jerome than his eyes fell on who it was. Bruce Wayne looked less polished than the recent photograph Jeremiah had seen.

However, seeing him in motion—arguing with Gordon about how the hell he could just let Jerome go—drove home how little newsprint did him justice. Jeremiah, one hand on the arm of the chair to steady himself as he eased into it, felt his hand slip. He dropped into it heavily, the chair skidding several inches across the floor.

The thing is, Bruce never actually had a plan for how he was going to use it.

Gotham Season 4 - Favourite Jeremiah Valeska Moments

And yet, that's exactly what it does. Following the months of Bruce's 18th birthday, he becomes dedicated to protecting Gotham and saving people.Lila Valeska was a snake dancer who worked at Haly's Circus.

When he was crying outside the trailer, Cicero told him that the world didn't care about him and that it was better to realize it then. This would be the last time she would ever see her other son again, and Jerome continued to reside with her at the circus. Two months before the death of Martha and Thomas Wayne, the entire Wayne family was enjoying a night out at a circus when they encountered Jerome who continously acted rude and hurled veiled threats at the family.

During the argument Lila barged in and angrily pulled Jerome into her trailer, an action which drew criticism from Alfred Pennyworth.

Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska

When the circus came to Gotham CityJerome murdered her with a hatchet on a hill and mister Cicero lets him cleans up in his trailer. The body was discovered and hidden by the circus performers, who intended to find the killer themselves and carry out vigilante justice, but this was prevented when Detective Jim Gordon found the body and investigated the case. Gordon eventually deduced that Jerome was responsible and that Cicero is his father. In the interrogation room Jerome broke down into maniacal laughter, and referred to his mother as a drunken whore and that he killed her because she kept nagging him.

Lila was known for being a cruel woman, having abused her son Jerome and looking the other way when her then-lover would abuse him in turn. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. And she'd never touch a pathetic old creep like you. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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